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Nfina 8324R HC

Nfina 8324R-SAN

The Nfina 8324R-SAN features the 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors. It is equipped with 48 NVMe/SSD drives and an ideal candidate for an all-flash storage array.


Nfina 8224R-SAN

Equipped with 48 NVMe/SSD drives, the 8224R-SAN is an ideal candidate for an all-flash storage array, alleviating the I/O bottleneck between high performance and capacity.

Nfina 7312R HC

Nfina 7312R-SAN

The 7312R-SAN features the 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor. It is the perfect solution for redundant hybrid cloud, on-premise storage, backup, and disaster recovery.


Nfina 7212R-SAN

The 7212R-SAN is the perfect flexible and scalable high-availability solution for redundant hybrid cloud, on-premise storage, backup, disaster recovery, and virtual environments.

Business technology demands increase each day. Decision makers need today’s best options for their Storage Area Network and deciding on the best option requires research. Here, we will look at “What is a SAN?” and deep dive into secure data storage, including software and hardware considerations. If you prefer to speak with our data storage consulting, department contact us at 251-243-0043.

According to the TechTarget article “What is a Storage Area Network (SAN)? The availability and accessibility of storage are critical concerns for enterprise computing. Traditional direct-attached disk deployments within individual servers can be a simple and inexpensive option for many enterprise applications, but the disks — and the vital data those disks contain — are tied to the physical server across a dedicated interface, such as SAS. Modern enterprise computing often demands a much higher level of organization, flexibility, and control. These needs drove the evolution of the storage area network (SAN).”

That is where Nfina SAN storage solutions come to play. Our High-Availability SAN storage solutions are the foundation of business continuity plans, ensuring mission-critical data is always available. Nfina systems are fully redundant and fault tolerant to 99.999% uptime and include 4-way mirroring for increased data reliability and disaster recovery. Whether you are looking for entry-level SAN storage or enterprise SAN storage, data storage consulting, 24/7 US tech support with troubleshooting, and a standard five-year warranty are included with your SAN purchase or lease.

Nfina offers a variety of Fibre Channel and iSCSI SAN storage solutions. Our entry-level SAN storage with sixteen bays can be configured as an HHD or SSD SAN Storage solution. Our 8224R, enterprise SAN solution, sports forty-eight all flash drives perfect for a high-availability active/active architecture. You can also configure select appliances with NVMe, SSDs, and HDDs for a hybrid SAN storage solution.

Flexibility, expandability, and control are the cornerstone of our SAN storage solutions. Whether you are a small business migrating to a data center or a large enterprise needing NVMe SAN storage in multiple locations, Nfina SANs will grow with your business. Regardless of the SAN model, one unique component that sets us apart from our competition is our management operating system.

Nfina-Store data management operating system, recommended for our SAN storage solutions, is easy to use, allowing users to create and centrally manage SAN arrays and clusters and create unlimited snapshots and clones at a preferred pace. For configuration assistance, our setup includes Nfina’s data storage consulting team. Most importantly, in the event of a natural disaster or ransomware attack, our SAN backup protection provides a rollback function, restoring data to a safe point before the incident.

Nfina SAN devices using Nfina-Store storage management software provide fast data storage access by only writing data that has changed rather than continually updating the entire SAN storage. Our SANs use unique tiered storage and caching system that prioritizes the most used data, making it quickly accessible. Only writing data changes allows users to back up their on-premise SANs to off-premise SANs in hours, not days. As an added security measure in our Nfina-Store software, our server SANs are copy-on-write meaning you can only write data to the SAN backup. Therefore, the data will avoid interception by would-be thieves.

Data security is a top priority for any business, especially when it comes to sensitive information such as financial records or customer data. Nfina’s SAN Storage Solutions address this concern by providing enhanced security measures such as storage encryption and role-based access control (RBAC). These features ensure that only authorized personnel will have SAN access.

For SAN/DAS storage expansion, Nfina’s SAN Storage Area Network can connect to multiple DAS devices. Nfina JBODs come in twelve or twenty-four-bay systems. Up to 14 JBOD devices can connect to a SAN solution expanding your system to 336 additional drives. Nfina’s SAN offers significant cost savings. This is because our SAN solutions use shared resources and allows for centralized management, which reduces overall hardware costs and eliminates the need for multiple standalone servers.

Can a SAN and NAS be used together to create a robust network? A typical SAN NAS example would be Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud Solutions. In this scenario, the NAS would be your on-premise server, and your SAN/s would be off-premise storage in the cloud. As mentioned above, only changed data is backed up to your SAN, and snapshots occur at your desired time frame.

In the realm of network storage, combining a Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) can yield a remarkably robust storage infrastructure. By seamlessly integrating these two storage solutions, organizations can effectively address diverse data storage management needs while capitalizing on the unique strengths of each system. SAN storage excels in high-speed block-level access to centralized storage resources, providing unparalleled performance for critical applications and storage databases. On the other hand, NAS devices offer file-level access over Ethernet networks, making them ideal for simpler storage, file sharing and backup tasks within local area networks (LAN). The harmonious coexistence of SAN and NAS leverages their respective capabilities to create an intricate yet efficient storage ecosystem that caters to different types of workloads across an organization’s storage and networking architecture. This symbiotic relationship allows businesses to effortlessly scale their storage capacities as per evolving demands while ensuring reliable data availability, utmost flexibility, enhanced security measures, and a simplified storage management process – all contributing factors toward building a truly resilient network storage environment.

In addition to performance, reliability is paramount when it comes to storage solutions. Nfinas understands this importance and has designed their servers with robust hardware components that are built to last. From redundant power supplies to advanced cooling systems, every aspect of our storage systems is carefully engineered for maximum uptime and data integrity. Our storage solutions are built with redundant components such as power supplies, controllers, fans, and network interfaces. This means that in case one storage device fails due to a natural disaster or any other reason, the storage system as a whole will continue to function seamlessly using the backup component. Having redundant storage and hardware components significantly reduces downtime during emergencies and ensures business continuity.

Our Hybrid Cloud Solutions come with Nfina-View software that provides monitoring of all edge and cloud data storage pools in your network via a unified management control pane. If an outage or failure occurs, Nfina-View rolls back your systems to before the event occurred. Our Hybrid Cloud is a Hardware-as-a-Solution (HaaS) and Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) that provides rapid Disaster Recovery, geo-redundancy, business continuity, and 24/7 data storage consulting and tech support.

For example, Montgomery Radiology Radiology Associates were using traditional storage solutions that could not keep up with the growing demand for storage space. This was impacting the efficiency of their daily operations and record keeping storage, leading to longer wait times for patients and overall dissatisfaction in their services.  By switching to Nfina’s San Storage Solutions, Montgomery Radiology Associates saw a remarkable improvement in their record keeping and storage efficiency.

We understand that some users may require hybrid storage solutions combining different storage technologies within one appliance. To address this demand, select storage appliances from our product line are configurable with Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe storage), SSDs, and HDDs – providing customers with unparalleled storage versatility when it comes to deploying hybrid storage solutions tailored precisely to their unique business requirements. In essence, Nfina’s wide array of innovative enterprise storage offerings solidify its position as an industry frontrunner dedicated to delivering comprehensive and scalable storage solutions.

Storage is an indispensable aspect of any organization’s IT infrastructure, and it plays a pivotal role in the efficiency and effectiveness of data management. Our storage solutions have been designed with three key features: flexibility, expandability, and control. Flexibility ensures that our storage systems can adapt to the evolving needs of businesses by accommodating different workloads and storage applications without compromising performance or scalability. With storage expandability as another cornerstone, our storage solutions offer seamless integration with additional storage capacity as your storage requirements grow over time. This eliminates the need for disruptive storage hardware upgrades or storage device replacements down the line. Lastly, centralized control empowers organizations by providing granular storage access controls and comprehensive storage monitoring capabilities to ensure optimal data security and compliant storage adherence at all times. Thus, our SAN storage solutions are tailored to cater to diverse business demands while offering a robust foundation for efficient data management operations.

When it comes to SAN storage servers, Nfinas stands out from its competitors in terms of storage features, performance, reliability, and price. With a wide range of options available to meet varying storage needs, Nfinas has established itself as a top choice for businesses and individuals alike.

The benefits of Storage Area Networks from Nfina include

  • Acceleration of random writes with Write Log (ZIL)
  • Compression and de-duplication for improved data acceleration and optimization
  • Active-Active architecture and Active-Passive HA clustering for data availability
  • On-site and Off-site data storage protection
  • Unlimited storage snapshots, clones, and snapshot rollback for system backup and restoration
  • Options to lease equipment by creating a hybrid cloud solution with HaaS, SaaS, and managed services
  • Five-year product warranty
  • 24/7 US-based tech support

View Nfina SAN Storage prices then contact our data storage consulting team for advice on which SAN is right for your business.


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