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Grow Your Business and Discover a True Partnership

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Looking for a New Partner to Help Grow Your Business?

Resellers are looking for partners that provide one-on-one attention, quick response time, and higher profit margins. Nfina does just that. We support all of our products and back them with a five-year warranty. We provide same-day quoting and shipping so you can assist your customers as quickly as possible and we offer opportunities for you to participate in recurring revenue from hardware leases, Hybrid Cloud solutions, and MSP services. We truly are a one-stop-shop, allowing you to provide your customers with the most cyber secure, server, hyperconverged, storage, and computer solutions.

What Keeps MSPs Up At Night

— Cyber Security
— Deal Registration is Risky (margin erosion)
— Quoting Delays for HCI Solutions
— Same Day Shipping Not Available
— Vendor Technology and Marketing Support
— 3-Year Warranty and Lack of Customer Support

Nfina Can Help Solve These Issues for You and Your Customers

Cyber Security

Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud Solution is a fully managed solution designed to protect and ransomware proof your customer’s businesses. We maintain copies of critical data on-site and off-site ensuring information is always available for recovery and minimizes downtime.
We make it easy by combining the entire process into a single service:
• Compute
• Storage
• Backup & DR
• Unified Management Control Pane
• À la carte Managed Services

Partners Earn Higher Profit Margins

Nfina allows our Channel Partners to participate in recurring revenue deals that raise your profit margins and valuations. You can provide your customers with hardware leases, Hybrid Cloud solutions with backup and disaster recovery, and MSP services.

Same Day Quoting

Nfina’s AI-based configurator and in-house staff generate same-day quotes for Hybrid Cloud and components. Configure it yourself or if you need help, contact our office and we will assist you.

Same Day Shipping

We stock the components to build Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud solutions and other systems. Orders received before noon can ship on the same day.

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Vendor Commitment and Marketing Support

We are committed to our channel partners. We provide joint marketing digital literature and lead generation. We work with our partners to promote their business through various marketing channels like email marketing and digital advertising.

5-Year Warranty and Superior Customer Support

Nfina’s products carry a 5-year warranty and we support everything that we sell. We provide 24/7 remote tech support for you and your clients and Nfina Engineers are available to assist you when you are ready to install at your client’s location.

Becoming a Nfina Reseller is Quick and Easy:

  1. Click the “Reseller Application” button below
  2. Complete the Reseller Information form
  3. Nfina will contact you to discuss your application
  4. Sell our high quality products!

Nfina Product Configurator

Nfina’s Product Configurator is the perfect tool giving Nfina resellers the power to design, configure and quote products correctly before ordering. The Nfina Configurator lets you and your organization focus on what’s best for each customer. There’s no more need to search through and compare multiple confusing spreadsheets or attempt to design products with online tools that regularly flash warnings of incompatibility when attempting to configure products. The Nfina Configurator reduces misguided clicks into a few simple selections allowing you and your sales staff to quickly design and edit products that are the perfect solution for each customer. To log in or create a new log in account click on the Configure Products Now button below.