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Professional Services included with Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud solutions:

Nfina 8224R-i20

Data Center/Storage Management

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Nfina 8224R-i20

Cloud Management

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Nfina 8224R-i20

Network Management

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Nfina 8224R-i20

Desktop Management

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Nfina 8224R-i20

Application Management

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Patch Management

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Nfina 8224R-i20

Backup & Disaster Recovery

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Nfina 8224R-i20

Stewardship & Vendor Management

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Professional Services are included with Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud solutions or can be purchased a la carte. Our highly skilled team of professionals, combined with the latest developments in technology, allows us to provide more successful and effective results. Moving your IT management to Nfina boosts your ability to focus on growing your business priorities.

What are the benefits of professional services?

Professional IT services are beneficial for both large organizations and small businesses, new companies, and established ones. You have more important things to focus on from short-term objectives to long-term plans. With Nfina, we become an extension of your team offering the following benefits:


You can worry less about downtime and outages because the managed service provider (MSPs) is responsible for always keeping the service available. In-house IT staff are usually accountable for numerous responsibilities, but a MSP can focus on the delivery of their specific services. This means focusing on the health and security of the services, patch management and upgrades as needed.


Your company may have a ‘computer guy’ that covers your IT, but chances are this person does not have expertise in all areas. They may be good at troubleshooting Microsoft Office but what happens when a server or switch goes down? Professional services is the answer to in-house teams that don’t have the skills, experience, or time to manage IT functions. 

Relying on Nfina or your Nfina MSP Partner as you professional IT services provider allows your business to off-load IT operations to us. Our skilled IT personnel will take care of your IT needs, so you can focus on your business goals.

Cost Savings

Businesses can reduce operation expenses when they outsource their IT needs to third-party MSP companies. The saved costs include setting up new infrastructure, purchasing hardware and software, training IT staff, paying their salaries, and other expenses involving IT. Retaining a Professional IT Provider can be less expensive than hiring an in-house IT operation.

Improve Stakeholder Trust

Nfina engineers work with your stakeholders in the development of your IT management including IT policies, standards, processes, systems, measurements, and maintenance. This enables your company to manage risk, cost, control, IT governance, compliance, and business performance objectives.

24/7 Availability

A crucial benefit of professional services is that managed IT providers offer services 24/7 to handle issues that could upset your business. A company’s in-house IT team might have fixed service hours, but it is not the case with IT Professional Services. Thus, one can save time and deal with issues without delay.

The benefits have pushed managed services adoption to new levels that small and mid-size organizations should no longer overlook. It is estimated that 90% of Fortune 1000 companies used managed IT services today. 29% of small and mid-size businesses currently work with managed IT service providers. 90% agree that managed services have had a positive impact on their business.

Why does my business need managed IT services?

Businesses need managed service providers because they help neutralize risks. Instead of outsourcing when an IT problem occurs, MSPs proactively monitor your network and IT infrastructure. Also, patch management and updates are handled by a MSP. This allows managers to focus on their businesses instead of worrying about the company’s IT.

With Nfina managed service offering we also help with backup and DR planning, cloud services, and evaluate your current and future IT needs. As your business expands, we can help you grow your IT infrastructure and services to meet your needs.

The Lathan Company Managed Services

Nfina’s willingness to listen to my needs and find a way to meet them made them the clear choice.”

– Jerry Lathan, CEO & Owner,  The Lathan Company