Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recover (DR) is an absolute must in this era of 24/7 constant operation and uptime. Threats to business continuity continue to evolve. From ransomware to a hardware failure, to employee error, to natural disaster, a variety of events can cause outages, and the costs of downtime is very high, even for brief incidents. It’s up to organizations to be prepared. But how do businesses choose the best backup and DR strategy while also making the most of limited resources and budgets?

When there is a disruption to your environment, you need to be able to get your organization back up quickly. Disasters can come from anywhere. Readiness is not something that you address occasionally or when it’s time to recover for real. It must be a daily focus and is something that many midsize and small organizations cannot do by themselves. Preparing for a disaster or outage takes time, resources, and staff that can better be used elsewhere. This is why Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) exists and is likely a viable solution for your organization.

Better Managed Services Solutions from Nfina

As the importance and value of data grow, being ready to protect and recover it is vital. Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud solutions are designed to prevent downtime and provide the essentials to backup and protect your business data and recover from a disaster. Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud solutions have backup and DR built in and we make it easy to maintain and recover your company data in the event of data loss through software or hardware failure, or even from a ransomware attack.

Disaster Recovery Plan – Nfina engineers will work with your stakeholders to create a disaster recovery plan that will guide you in the event of a disruption or loss of data.

Geo-Redundancy Reduces Risk – Nfina’s hybrid cloud solutions produce backups in the form of immutable snapshots which are non-intrusive and can be run frequently because they do not bog down production. Snapshots can be delivered to multiple geo-redundant locations simultaneously allowing you to recover your data not matter where it resides, recover on-premises and from the cloud.

Backup Testing – We allow you to test your backups because you can’t wait until a disaster occurs to find out if there’s a problem with your backups. Nfina-View software provides simple single click DR testing.

Monitor On-Premises and Cloud EnvironmentsNfina-View software gives you the ability to monitor and manage your hardware and data through a single interface ensuring data availability across your on-premises and cloud environments.

Restore Your Data – Nfina-View software provides rapid disaster recovery allowing you to failover in minutes not hours or days. Failover and rollback are simple single click operations and do not require rebuilding and repopulating data.

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  • Nfina engineers install, test, and maintain current knowledge of available patches. We make decisions on what patches are appropriate for each client’s system, ensuring that patches are installed properly and that your system is tested after installation.


  • Patches are regularly used to address security weaknesses. If a software vendor discovers that there is a security risk associated with its product, it will usually release a patch to address that risk. It is important to apply security patches as quickly as possible because hackers know about the security vulnerabilities and aggressively look for unpatched systems.

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Escalating Remediation Recovery (Tier-1)

  • Tier-1 – Currently, most ransomware attacks are Tier-1.
    • Tier-1 Recovery – Nfina restores your data from a snapshot taken prior to the attack
    • Tier-1 Recovery – Nfina can restore the system in-place
    • Tier-1 Recovery – Time frame is minutes/hours
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Escalating Remediation Recovery (Tier-2)

In the event Tier-1 recovery is ineffective and the production environment immediately re-infects after recovery, Tier-2 escalation is the next step.

  • Tier-2 – More sophisticated Tier-2 attacks may come from “sleeper” infections that lay dormant for weeks or months before attacking.
    • Tier-2 Recovery – Your snapshots are installed on Nfina’s Clean Room and software is used to remove the infected files before restoring your environment
    • Tier-2 Recovery – Uses signature malware software (Bitdefender, Malwarebytes, Trend Micro, etc.) to scrub the virus off the infected files
    • Tier-2 Recovery – Fee based. Timeframe can be hours/days
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Escalating Remediation Recovery (Tier-3)

In the event Tier-1 and Tier-2 recovery fails to detect the virus, Tier-3 escalation must follow.

  • Tier-3 – The latest and most advanced sleeper ransomware encrypts files and avoids detection of the commercial signature-based malware software due to their “newness”.
    • Tier-3 Recovery – Your snapshots are installed on Nfina’s Clean Room where AI and machine learning virus software are implemented to remove the infected files before restoring your environment
    • Tier-3 Recovery – Uses non-signature malware software that deploys AI and machine learning techniques (Hammer IT) to scrub the virus off the infected files
    • Tier-3 Recovery – Fee based. Time frame is open-ended
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