Data Center/Storage Management

Data center/storage management is more important than ever, as security and regulatory compliance are becoming more complex and difficult to manage. It doesn’t matter if you’re a midsize or small organization, data volumes continue to grow and managing data storage is becoming more demanding and time consuming for IT staff.

Effective data storage management is key to ensuring organizations use resources effectively, and store data securely in compliance with company policies and government regulations. The management of data backup and recovery in-house is becoming increasingly expensive, as the volume of data organizations acquire continues to rise. Performance-hungry applications and the rapid growing need to store data are making it more costly and increasingly demanding to ensure data is available when needed. Businesses need powerful yet cost-efficient solutions that can help streamline data management, enable stronger data protection, and make data continuously available.

Better Managed Services Solutions from Nfina

Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud solutions includes data center/storage management which allows your business to off-load IT operations to us or your Nfina MSP Partner, enabling you to focus on your business goals while we deal with the challenges of an optimized IT environment. Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud solutions are economical enough to be affordable for businesses of any size and make it simple and easy to safeguard business continuity. We customize a hybrid multi-cloud solution to fit each client’s individual architecture requirements, making sure critical data is protected, and accessible when needed.

Don’t waste your time thinking about how you will recover your data in the event of a natural disaster or cyberattak. Nfina understands how valuable your data is to your organization. Our team will deal with any unforeseeable event rapidly keeping your data and operations up and running. Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud combines on-site virtual machines (VMs) with cluster-to-cluster replication along with off-site storage for backup and disaster recovery. Nfina engineers will work with your stakeholders in the development of your IT infrastructure including IT policies, standards, processes, systems, measurements, and maintenance. This enabling your company to manage risk, cost, control, IT governance, compliance, and business performance objectives.

  • Nfina has the capability to manage simple to complex environments.
  • Our support staff has expertise in VMware, Microsoft, Linux and Citrix.
  • We offer custom storage solutions that ransomware proof your IT environment.


  • Nfina monitors data storage space, performance and health with automated ticket generation.

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