Hybrid Cloud Case Study

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The Issue at Hand

  • The Lathan Company’s aging infrastructure required replacing
  • Strengthen data protection to include data backup that could easily be recovered in case of cyber attack, data loss, a server crash, or even a natural disaster
  • Create a cybersecurity policy and response plan for different situations that may disrupt or compromise information systems

Evaluating Their Options

  • The Lathan Company management requested quotes to analyze needed IT upgrades and conduct on-prem versus cloud comparison
  • IT Expansion Requirements: 1 Server, 16 Cores, 3 Windows VMs w/ HA, 96GB RAM, 3TB SSD Storage with Backup
  • Management was disappointed with the cost for the public cloud solution
16 Cores, 96GB RAM,
3 Windows VM’s w/HA,
3TB SSD Storage with Backup
Hybrid Cloud Topology

Cost Options

Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud

Turnkey Solution


per month

  Affordable Business Continuity
  GEO-Redundancy Included
      Compute and Backup
  Rapid Rollback
  World Class Intel Hardware

Azure Cloud Services

Plus Managed Services


per month

  Overpriced Business Continuity
  GEO-Redundancy – Additional Charge;
      Zone Redundant Storage Only
  Time Consuming Backups
  Hardware Unknown

Hybrid Cloud Case Study Conclusion:
Nfina Hybrid Cloud Turnkey Solution

  • High performance and low latency: < 5 ms on-prem vs ~100 ms cloud
  • $1,285 monthly savings; $77,100 5-year savings for Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud
  • Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud was 1/2 the cost of the public cloud solution
  • Eliminated the need for in-house IT Staff
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Nfina’s willingness to listen to my needs and find a way to meet them made them the clear choice.”


– Jerry Lathan, CEO & Owner,  The Lathan Company

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