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Nfina-Store Data Storage Management

Nfina-Store provides unlimited options to architect storage environments with iSCSI, Fibre Channel (FC) and NFS, SMB (CIFS) protocols for companies of any size – from small businesses, mid-size enterprises to large enterprises. The Linux-based architecture provides Nfina-Store with much better hardware compatibility than competing products based on other operating systems. Nfina-Store is a perfect choice for any virtualized storage environment as it supports VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft Hyper-V. It can be set up on physical servers or as a virtual storage appliance (e.g. in hyperconverged environments).

Data Acceleration

  • Acceleration of random writes with Write Log (ZIL) See illustration below
      1.  Writes are written to ARC first
      2. Writes are copied to ZIL
      3. After data is written from ARC to the Storage Pool, ZIL data blocks are freed
  • Hybrid Read Cache with first level in RAM (ARC -Adaptive Replacement Cache) and second Read Cache level on an SSD or NVMe (L2ARC) See illustration below
      1.  Attempt to read requested block from ARC
      2. If block is not in ARC then read from L2ARC to ARC
      3. If block is not in L2ARC then read from Storage Pool to ARC
ARC-Pyramid Graphic
  • High cache hit rate by using ARC’s most recently used (MRU) and most frequently used (MFU) Read Cache algorithms. See illustration below
MRU-MFU Cache Graphic
  • Compression for improved performance
  • Data resilvering rebuilding of used space only

Data Accessibility

  • iSCSI, Fibre Channel (FC), NFS, SMB (CIFS)
  • Use of Virtual IPs
  • Asymmetric Logical Unit Access (ALUA) for FC protocol

  • Virtual LAN (VLAN) support

Data Availability

  • High-Availability Dual-Controller Clustering
  • Active-Active and Active-Passive HA Cluster
  • Dual Storage (Stretched) Metro HA Cluster and Common Storage Cluster architectures

Data Protection

  • On- & Off-site Data Protection

  • N-way mirrors, Single, Dual and Triple Parity  RAID

  • Copy-on-Write

Data Integrity

  • Data and Metadata Check-summing

  • Self-Healing: Detecting and correcting Silent-Data-Errors with Scrub utility

  • Atomic Transaction Writes: Data always being consistent, no need for repairing the file system

Data Backup & Restore

  • Unlimited Snapshots and Clones

  • Snapshot Rollback

  • Clone Promote (CLI only)

Data Optimization

  • Inline Compression ( LZ4, LZJB, ZLE, GZIP 1..9 )
  • Inline Deduplication
  • Thick, Thin and Over-Provisioning

User Authentication

  • Local LDAP users and groups authentication for SMB /CIFS protocol
  • External Active Domain Server

File System & Storage Virtualization

  • 128-bit ZFS file system
  • Pooled storage model
  • Unlimited scalability with storage expansion during production
  • Unlimited file and volume size
  • Unlimited Snapshots and Clones (Copy-On-Write)

System Monitoring

  • SNMP
  • Nagios, Checkmk
  • GUI statistics
  • Nfina-View



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