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Nfina’s Data Protection Services

As business data increases and digital transformation and cloud migration continue, so does your need for expanded data security. Protecting your data which provides the foundation for every business operation is essential to a zero-trust approach to security and data management. Organizations are increasingly dependent on data and technology which is driving the priority to include data protection services to help protect their data. Ensuring that data is available, secure, and uncorrupted is vital for avoiding downtime, averting legal exposure, preventing cybercrime, safeguarding productivity, and increasing performance.

Data protection service has traditionally been described as keeping an organizations information safe from loss, corruption, and compromise. But with today’s data driving an organization’s ability to compete, data protection services must also empower more efficient data management. Whether on premises or hybrid cloud, Nfina’s data protection service solutions allow you to apply real-time control and help you gain complete visibility, compliance, and protection throughout the data security lifecycle.

Data Growth

Massive Data Growth

Data protection programs must deal with the problem of massive data growth. With data capacities growing at rapid rates, there’s an increase in the cost and complexity of backup and data retention, compliance, and security.

Data protection is much harder due to data complexity. In today’s IT environments information is spread geographically and exists on varied platforms. There’s substantial fragmentation of the data landscape making it more challenging to achieve data protection from a single solution. Because of this, more organizations are turning to multiple vendors to meet their data protection service requirements, adding complexity to their data management tasks.

The risks on data protection have elevated due to the scale of data events. The cost of downtime or a data breach can easily run into the millions of dollars, increasing the focus on data solutions, and magnifying the expectations placed on data protection technology. There is a difference between backup and disaster recovery and it’s important not to confuse the two. If you do not have disaster recovery in place, it could cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars with just one hour of downtime.

Secure your data spanning all end points including the edge, on-premises, colo, data center, and multicloud environments with Nfina’s Data Protection Services including: Edge, Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Compute, Storage, IaaS, HaaS, StaaS and DRaaS. Nfina provides backup, cyber recovery, disaster recovery, long-term retention and more to help you protect all your data.

Zero Trust

Zero Trust Approach

Nfina’s data protection services solutions support a zero-trust approach to security. Our solutions allow for fast, frequent backups in less time, and they don’t dominate your bandwidth. Nfina’s storage architecture is a Copy-on-Write technology employs immutable snapshots to track changes. This architecture requires less compute and storage than traditional image backups, which allows for more frequent backups providing more restore points. Today’s ransomware threats make off-site backup storage essential. Immutable snapshots are smaller, non-intrusive, and do not slow down production allowing them to be pushed to off-site, redundant locations without bogging down your network or the need to backup after hours.

Nfina-View™ management dashboard is built to save you time and improve IT responsiveness and efficiency by enabling you to bring key information for your organization into view. Nfina-View integrates data from across your IT ecosystem including servers, storage pools, networking and more. The dashboard offerings a single, summarized view of your IT ecosystem, and allows for monitoring, and managing your on-prem and cloud infrastructure. Nfina-View is designed for organizations of all industries and sizes with its interface providing real-time and historical data on system state and performance. Nfina-View is designed for hybrid IT and supports variable deployment possibilities including, fully on-prem, private cloud, public cloud, colocation, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud.

Working with a single cloud seems manageable, but how do you protect data across multiple clouds? As more users adopt hybrid cloud and multicloud environments, Nfina integration with VMware is essential in providing users with the best experience with automation and orchestration, across the entire VMware stack.

vmware integration

VMware Integration

Nfina gives you the choice to plan your data protection approach through continual improvements, responsive engineering, automation, and integration with VMware. Nfina-Store’s immutable snapshots increases backup performance, lower costs, simplify management and reduce the risk of data loss by streamlining how you protect your VMware virtual machines. Nfina-Store’s snapshots simplify backups for minimal impact to your VMs or VM resources.

Because we know you have better things to do, Nfina offers Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) so we handle the updates, patching, and maintenance for you. Data Protection as a Service from Nfina include simple and cost-effective solutions for backup, backup testing, recovery, and redundancy that can help to increase uptime and reduce the risk of data loss.

Data Storage management

Nfina-Store provides unlimited options to architect storage environments with iSCSI, Fibre Channel (FC) and NFS, SMB (CIFS) protocols for companies of any size – from small businesses, mid-size enterprises to large enterprises.

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Disaster Recovery

When there is a disruption to your environment, you need to be able to get your organization back up quickly.

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