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Disaster Recovery (DR) is an absolute must in this era of 24/7 constant operation and uptime. Threats to business continuity continue to evolve. From ransomware to a hardware failure, to employee error, to natural disaster, a variety of events can cause outages, and the costs of downtime is very high, even for brief incidents. It’s up to organizations to be prepared. But how do businesses choose the best disaster recovery strategy while also making the most of limited resources and budgets?

When there is a disruption to your environment, you need to be able to get your organization back up quickly. Disasters can come from anywhere. Readiness is not something that you address occasionally or when it’s time to recover for real. It must be a daily focus and is something that many midsize and small organizations cannot do by themselves. Preparing for a disaster or outage takes time, resources, and staff that can better be used elsewhere. This is why Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) exists and is likely a viable solution for your organization.

Disaster Recovery Plan

To gain a better understanding of how costly downtime can be, Nfina recommends placing a value to your data and what it means to your business. Do you have 50 employees, 200, 1,000 or more? What’s the cost of their downtime? If you are unable to access your data, are you able to generate quotes, access and ship inventory, or view and keep appointments? How many clients have been forced to find another supplier, or can their online orders be submitted? All these issues can be a reality if a disruption or outage occurs. Each have a cost that must be considered when applying a value to your data. Once you have calculated the business value for your data, then you will have a better understanding of what you should budget for Disaster Recovery.

As the importance and value of data grow, being ready to protect and recover it is vital. Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud Solutions are designed to prevent downtime and provide the essentials to protect your business data and recover from a disaster.

A Better Solution from Nfina

Create a disaster recovery plan. Knowing what steps need to be taken before a disruption occurs is crucial for a complete and rapid recovery of normal operations.

Reduce risk with geo-redundancy. Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud solutions allow you to recover your data no matter where it resides, recover on-premises and from the cloud.

Test your backups and DR plan. You can’t wait until a disaster occurs to find out if there’s a problem with your backups. Nfina-View software provides simple single click DR testing.

Monitor your on-premises and cloud environments. Nfina-View software gives you the ability to monitor and manage your hardware and data through a single interface ensuring data availability across your on-premises and cloud environments.

Restore your data. Nfina-View software provides rapid disaster recovery allowing you to failover in minutes not hours or days. Failover and rollback are simple single click operations and do not require rebuilding and repopulating data.

A complete end-to-end solution includes managed services. Nfina’s team of qualified engineers have decades of real-world experience eliminating concerns related to staff expertise, workload, or the need to contact multiple vendors.

It’s affordable with business continuity built in.

We combine on-site compute in your own private cloud with the security of public cloud backup & disaster recovery at an affordable monthly cost. We also include Managed Services that allow your business to off-load IT operations to us or your Nfina MSP Partner, enabling you to focus on your business goals while we deal with the challenges of an optimized IT environment. Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud solutions are economical enough to be affordable for businesses of any size and make it simple and easy to safeguard business continuity. We customize a hybrid multi-cloud solution to fit each client’s individual architecture requirements. Making sure critical data is protected, and accessible is crucial to disaster recovery. Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud solutions allow you to recover when it’s real.