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Nfina 8324R-NAS

The 8324R-NAS features the 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor. It is the perfect solution for redundant hybrid cloud, on-premise storage, backup, and disaster recovery.

8224R Server Image

Nfina 8224R-NAS

Offering redundancy for backup, DR, or business continuity solutions, the 8224R-NAS is the ideal candidate for an all-flash storage array or for creating storage pools in a HA cluster.


Nfina 7312R-NAS

The 7312R-NAS features the 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor. It is perfect for remote branch locations or mid-market organizations migrating to a data center or hybrid cloud.

7212R Server Image

Nfina 7212R-NAS

In IT environments consisting of hyperconverged systems, virtualized systems, advanced analytics, or artificial intelligence, the 7212R-NAS delivers on performance and efficiency.

NAS (Network Attached Storage) is rapidly becoming popular for businesses because they are effective, scalable, high-performance, low-cost storage solution. Using a Nfina NAS system, users can work together and serve customers because data is continually accessible. Selecting a NAS server over other solutions depends on current backup and recovery business requirements. The following are the benefits of deploying a Nfina NAS for data protection plans and business needs:

  • Ease of Use – The Nfina rackmount NAS is simple to install, manage and scale to virtually any size, enabling companies to manage growing data volumes.
  • Control Using an on-premise NAS storage solution means that companies are not using a third party for storage, which allows them to maintain total control over access to their data. Have a small or no IT department? Nfina gives you the option to let us manage your IT infrastructure. (Lease equipment, Troubleshoot issues, maintain updates, 24/7 Tech support, etc.)
  • Scalability – When using a NAS file server, increasing storage capacity is as easy as adding more hard drives or hard drives with larger capacity. With Nfina NAS solutions, you can add new storage without shutting down the network or replacing or upgrading existing servers. Nfina ensures easy scalability with a variety of NAS options, including a 24-bay all SSD NAS, 16-bay NAS, 12-bay NAS, and 8-bay NAS
  • Performance – Since the NAS rack server connects to the LAN, it can store data and transfer files faster. Removing the file serving responsibilities from other network devices can also contribute to an increase in performance. It can also rapidly back up files making sure incremental changes are protected.
  • Greater Flexibility and Accessibility – Nfina NAS supports a wide range of industry-standard protocols enabling organizations to achieve an efficient and flexible shared storage infrastructure, consolidating a wide range of applications and workloads. Storage is also centralized, and all network devices can access the NAS. Therefore, users running different types of machines and operating systems can share files and collaborate from multiple offices or mobile locations. Also, since a NAS is on-site, it’s not subject to Internet service interruptions.
  • Improve security and compliance – Upgrade security and compliance needs with a broad range of security options, including Nfina-View Management and Monitoring software. Nfina-View offers real-time monitoring and management of storage pools, clusters, and nodes. If a failure or ransomware attack occurs, it provides rapid disaster recovery allowing you to failover to a time before the data was lost. This failover process takes minutes, not hours. Nfina-View also features failover, rollback, and DR testing to ensure your IT infrastructure for a system failure or ransomware attack.
  • Multiple Configurations – Deploy a Nfina NAS as a Network Attached Storage device, software-defined, hyperconverged infrastructure, or hybrid cloud storage solution. You can configure the NAS device to extend , such as for security compliance solutions, as a NAS server backup or disaster recovery solution.


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