Hybrid SAN Storage

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Hybrid SAN Storage can provide a cost-effective and performance-optimized storage solution for organizations that require a balance of capacity and performance. Hybrid SAN Storage contists of:

  • Quality Solid State Drives
  • NVMe Drives
  • Hard Disk Drives with extended warranties
  • Management Software for load balancing

As businesses look to save money but not sacrifice performance, Hybrid SAN Storage solutions have become an increasingly popular option.

Hybrid SAN Storage is a storage solution that combines the benefits of traditional SAN (Storage Area Network), modern flash-based storage technologies, and economical spinner hard drives (HDD). It provides high performance, scalability, and flexibility for modern IT environments.

What Is Hybrid SAN Storage?

Hybrid SAN Storage typically includes a mix of different storage media, such as traditional spinning disks, solid-state drives (SSDs), and/or NVMe drives, as well as the necessary components, such as controllers and management software. The system uses algorithms, tier management, caching, and data management, to automatically store active and frequently accessed data on flash drives that can deliver top performance and efficiency while storing less active data on the more affordable HDDs. 

Why Choose Hybrid SAN Storage?

As data volumes continue to double, storing everything on flash storage is prohibitively expensive and unnecessary since a great deal of a company’s data would be perfectly fine residing on more affordable but less responsive archive media.

Hybrid SAN Storage provides a compromise for storing critical data on high-performance flash drives while other data resides on less expensive tiered storage. Hybrid SAN Storage enables companies to manage data in a unified storage system while balancing performance and cost.


Complexity | Hybrid SAN Storage can be more complex to set up and manage than traditional SAN or all-flash arrays.

Performance Variability | The performance of Hybrid SAN Storage can vary depending on the workload and how the data is distributed across the different tiers of storage.

Advantages of Nfina’s Hybrid SAN Storage

High Performace | By combining the speed of SSDs or NVMe with the capacity of traditional disks, Hybrid SAN Storage can provide high performance for both read and write operations.

Scalability | Hybrid SAN Storage can be easily scaled by adding more drives or expanding the system as needed. For cold storage, HDDs can be incorporated into you SAN network by adding Nfina JBODs.

Flexibility | Hybrid SAN Storage can support a wide range of workloads, including virtualization, databases, and analytics.

Cost-Effectiveness | Using a mix of different storage media, Hybrid SAN Storage can provide a cost-effective storage solution that balances performance and capacity.

Configuration | Since Nfina configures your Hybrid SAN Storage before shipping, the SAN setup is done for you.

Management | Nfina-View™ software allows you to monitor and manage your tiered storage, and if a problem arises, you can roll back your system before the incident occurred.

The cost of Hybrid SAN Storage can vary depending on the vendor, the size of the system, and the features included. Overall, Nfina’s Hybrid SAN Storage can provide a cost-effective and performance-optimized storage solution. Hybrid storage is also available with Nfina NAS and Server models.


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At Nfina, our Eco-Friendly Solutions make it easy for our customers to achieve a lower carbon footprint and play a positive role in bringing about a sustainable future. We design technologies and products to help people understand their impact and actions better.

Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud and Hyperconverged solutions provide energy efficiency by using high-density, lower-power VMs enabling our customers to scale their digital transformations sustainably by optimizing space, reducing power consumption, and lowering cooling and maintenance costs. Nfina is taking a leadership role in doing what it takes to tackle climate change.

Nfina has been carbon neutral for our operations since opening in 2012.

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