5 Year Warranty

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How Good Is Your Server Warranty?

Server computers are built more robust than consumer-grade computers. Several redundant features are built into server and storage products to help reduce and/or eliminate downtime. It is inevitable that even the most expensive, best built servers with many redundant systems will possibly fail at some point in its life cycle. It is not uncommon that a hard drive or power supply may fail in its lifetime. Many server and storage products give you the ability to replace failed parts with little downtime because they feature hot swap drives and power supplies that can be replaced without shutting the device down.

With most standard warranties when a failure occurs a support call is made, and a tech support technician will work with you to make a remote diagnostic. If the identified problem can be corrected remotely, the technician fixes the problem, and you are able to continue working. If parts are required, they are shipped, and an onsite technician is dispatched to make repairs once the parts have arrived. Repairs are typically made during normal business hours between 8:00 to 5:00. Based on the day and time the incident occurs, this could result in down time of 24 to 48 hours if parts are available.

Basic 3-Year Warranty

Most manufacturers offer a basic 3-year warranty on their server and storage hardware that covers parts and labor. These vendors typically provide tiered technical support which means when you make your initial call, you are talking with a low-tier support staff that verifies your warranty information and attempts to identify the problem by searching to see if the issue is logged within their FAQ database. If they cannot identify the issue, your call has to be escalated to a higher tiered employee.

Nfina’s 5-Year Warranty Has You Covered

All Nfina products are covered by our industry leading 5-year warranty that includes 24/7 US based technical support at no additional cost. Nfina does not have tiered technical support. In the event you need Nfina’s technical support, you will be speaking with a certified engineering professional. Nfina also has and maintains inventory of components used to manufacture our server and storage products, ensuring parts are in stock and ready to ship for warranty repair.

Extended Warranties and Service Plans

Extended warranties are available from manufacturers that provide standard 3-year warranties, but they are optional and add to the server or storage cost. Extended warranties are not needed with Nfina products because they come with a standard 5-year warranty.

Service plans that provide the next day service or up to 4-hour service are available from most manufacturers including Nfina.

Your Warranty Should Not Be Your DR Plan

In many onsite service situations as described above, from the point the problem occurs to the point in which the server is repaired and back online could be days. In addition to the logisitics of shipping replacement parts and having onsite technicians scheduled to make repairs, the current supply chain issues are causing many problems for support and service departments. The unavailability of components that are affecting new products deliveries are also creating delivery issues for parts that are needed for repair. Even with the best warranties, if your server or storage goes down and requires an onsite repair, it could be down longer than projected. Understanding this brings to light the importance for your organization’s need for redundancy and a DR plan. Nfina solutions are economical enough to be afforable for businesses of any size and make it simple and easy to safeguard business continuity.

Warranty and TCO

Many MES organizations replace or repurpose their servers when the warranty expires. With this thinking, if we consider seven years of ownership if you purchase your server today then replace it when the warranty expires after year three, then again after year six, you will have the initial purchase plus two refreshes over seven years. With Nfina’s 5-year warranty, you would have the initial purchase, and one refresh in year five through the same seven years. If you have priced the public cloud, you’re already aware the cost is about ten times that of on-prem hardware and backup cost for five years. When you refresh your public cloud contract after year three, you can be guaranteed one thing – the prices will not be going down.

7 year cost savings for Nfina servers is roughly $14,500 versus competitors average

7 year cost savings for Nfina hyperconverged is roughly $49,500 versus competitors average

7 year cost savings for Nfina SAN Storage is roughly $237,500 versus competitors average


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