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Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud

Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud is a fully managed solution designed to protect and ransomware proof your business. Nfina makes it easy to maintain and recover company data in the event of data loss through software or hardware failure, or even from a ransomware attack. Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud solution combines the entire process into a single service. Storage, design, testing, monitoring, failover, reporting and more. We maintain copies of critical data on-site and offsite. Redundancy ensures information is insulated and always available for recovery and minimizes downtime.

Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud is focused on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that includes on-prem edge compute and uses a private cloud as opposed to the public cloud. Most big-box vendors and cloud providers define IaaS as a cloud computing service. Nfina doesn’t limit our definition of IaaS to the cloud. With Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud, the on-prem hardware lease is included in the service eliminating the burden of large, upfront investments. Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud is the perfect solution to move your IT infrastructure forward with affordable fixed monthly billing, Op-Ex savings and no upfront Cap-Ex spending tying up capital.

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Affordable Disaster Recovery for Business Continuity

Hybrid Cloud Data Protection solutions from Nfina offer several benefits over the public hyper-scale cloud without the costs and complexity. In fact, Nfina’s customers can save up to 50% more with Nfina’s hybrid multi-cloud solutions than with public hyper-scale cloud solutions.

With Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud data protection solutions, your data and applications can be recovered instantly in case of data loss. In the event of a ransomware attack, a software or hardware failure, sabotage, a natural disaster, or an employee error, your operations can be thrown off course, with costly consequences.

Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud Managed Services Included in End-to-End Solution

Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud Managed Services guarantee users both performance and peace of mind, with geo-redundant backup and disaster recovery. Our knowledgeable engineers provide confidence that a qualified team oversees the workload, while also allowing businesses to customize their own multi cloud solution. As an extra bonus, our service saves you time via cost reductions and a simple-to-predict budget.

Your Disaster Recovery Plan is Complete with Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud

Do not waste your time worrying about how you will recover from natural disasters or how long it will take for business to resume operations after a cyberattack. Our team is prepared to handle any unexpected event quickly and efficiently. Nfina provides built-in backup and disaster recovery capabilities to keep your platform running smoothly and efficiently.

Nfina provides a hybrid cloud data protection solution that merges local VMs with remote, off-site storage. Cluster-to-cluster replication ensures that your information is accessible and consistent. Nfina’s professionals will collaborate with your team to construct the IT framework including guidelines, standards, processes, systems, metrics, and upkeep. This helps your enterprise manage risk and expenses, maintain control and compliance, and reach business objectives.