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Data Center Storage Applications

Today’s data centers need a tremendous amount of physical storage solutions. Data centers not only need to have servers, solid-state drives, and storage networks, they also need to have reliable power and a backup system to ensure that the data they store is never permanently lost.

Let’s take a look at the way data center storage solutions can be applied to keep data centers running smoothly.

Improving Server Performance

Storage devices are at the heart of any data center, and if the storage devices aren’t operating at a high performance level, they could compromise the accessibility, transfer, and distribution of data. SSDs can significantly improve the performance of a storage server; without the moving heads and spinning platters of a hard-drive, the solid-state drive allows for faster processing and greater energy efficiency. Unfortunately, while prices on SSDs have dropped in recent years, smaller data centers may still have budget constraints that keep them from implementing these devices.

Data centers that cannot add SSDs can still improve their servers’ performance using Nfina’s innovative hybrid caching system. By utilizing a considerable amount of SSD caching with SATA storage drives, Nfina is able to yield near-SSD performance for the cost of SATA drives thus providing economical NAS and SAN hybrid storage devices.

Reducing Power Consumption in Data Center Systems

Data center management requires constant access to a power source to keep equipment running around the clock, so it’s no surprise that these facilities consume a large amount of energy. However, it is possible for data centers to reduce their power consumption simply by updating to more efficient equipment. Inefficient servers require (and waste) more power, so data centers can cut costs (and minimize their environmental impact) by upgrading to newer servers with a more energy-efficient design.  Nfina servers feature Intel® Xeon® v3 processors, with energy efficient spread-core design, offering 6.5 times more energy efficiency compared to 4-year old servers

Using Data Center Storage Systems That Can Scale Up

As the role of online data in our everyday lives continues to expand, data center solutions will inevitably need to scale up in order to keep up with demands and ensure that their systems operate reliably. The best way to do this is to use data center storage systems that are compatible with components from multiple manufacturers and that can simply be upgraded rather than ripped out and replaced every few years. Nfina builds servers and data storage devices with this in mind, making it easier for data centers to keep up with progress instead of getting backed into the corner by a single vendor. Contact us today to learn more about how our products can improve your data center management.