Are you tired of managing multiple cloud platforms for your business? Do you want to streamline your operations and reduce costs while still maintaining control over your data? Look no further than a hybrid cloud management platform from Nfina. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of a hybrid approach and why it is essential for businesses looking to optimize their IT infrastructure. Get ready to revolutionize the way you manage your hybrid cloud resources with Nfina-View™, our hybrid cloud management platform.

Digital transformation is no longer an option, and IT environments have become far more intricate than before. Companies, be they small, mid-size or enterprise organizations, generally have some form of hybrid cloud management or multi cloud infrastructure. There may be data stored onsite, legacy software requiring local compute power, regulations necessitating the storing of information on premises or the maintaining of a local NAS (Network Attached Storage) for backups while having software functioning in the form of SaaS from the cloud with backups saved in an online repository and/or an internet server. No longer can companies solely rely on traditional methods as expenses, difficulty and security worries are too great to fully utilize the cloud for all needs. They need a hybrid cloud management solution.

Nfina-View™ is a hybrid cloud management platform, designed as a unified dashboard designed to enhance IT responsiveness and efficiency. It enables IT administrators and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to easily access their essential organization information from a single, summarized view. The dashboard allows for monitoring and managing on-prem and cloud infrastructure in real-time, providing historical data on system state and performance. Ideal for organizations of all sizes and industries, Nfina-View™ supports numerous deployment possibilities like fully on-prem, private cloud, colocation, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud.

Nfina-View’s Summary view provides administrators with a ‘bird’s eye’ view of the health of their IT ecosystem. With it, they can quickly ascertain key details such as zone, cluster and node statuses, IP addresses, uptimes, memory, and CPU utilizations and DiskPool information. Additionally, hardware components like power supplies, fans, motherboards, and hard drives can be monitored for their respective healths. Furthermore, storage Pool details regarding status, capacity, Zvols, datasets and read caches along with snapshot and clone information can also be accessed.

Lastly, Network details including host names and interface specifics like IP addresses MAC functions speed readings etc., are presented. All reported senor values are checked for any anomalies which prompt alerts to alert administrators in case of any issues.

Nfina-View™ delivers both on-prem and cloud monitoring, with Failover, Rollback, and Disaster Recovery Testing capabilities that are effortless and do not require rebuilding or repopulating data. This simplifies the complexities associated with moving workloads across sites by making possible quick Failover and Rollback operations. In case the primary system malfunctions or a proactive move of your workloads is necessary, you can shift your work to an alternative location to minimize downtime.

With Nfina-View™, restoring the entire system states to an earlier point in time is much more straightforward than it traditionally is due to its Rollback functionality. In the case of a ransomware attack, having this built-in feature allows for data recovery within minutes. Moreover, administrators can easily test disaster recovery scenarios and be sure their backups are functional via automated testing. Additionally, instant clone snapshots offer quick and easy restoration at the machine and file levels. Overall, the features within Nfina-View™ provide an advanced layer of protection and peace of mind against potential disasters.

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitoring and alerts are the foundation of any hybrid cloud management software. You will be notified in real-time about potential problems before they happen. Alert notification thresholds are customizable on a per node basis to suit system needs.

Nfina-View™ Advantages

  • Real-time monitoring with system health immediately
  • Visibility and management from a single dashboard
  • Customizable proactive alerting
  • Rapid disaster recovery allows you to Failover in minutes not hours or days.
  • In the event of a ransomware attack or other corruption, the built in Rollback feature allows instant restoration of system state to a known good point in time
  • Automated Disaster Recovery Testing
  • Failover, Rollback, and Disaster Recovery Testing are simple operations that do not require rebuilding and repopulating data
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At Nfina, our Eco-Friendly Solutions make it easy for our customers to achieve a lower carbon footprint and play a positive role in bringing about a sustainable future. We design technologies and products to help people understand their impact and actions better.

Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud and Hyperconverged solutions provide energy efficiency by using high-density, lower-power VMs enabling our customers to scale their digital transformations sustainably by optimizing space, reducing power consumption, and lowering cooling and maintenance costs. Nfina is taking a leadership role in doing what it takes to tackle climate change.

Nfina has been carbon neutral for our operations since opening in 2012.