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Vidsys Corporation (i.e. Vidsys.com, an Ares Security Company) is a leading provider of Converged Security & Information Management Solutions since 2005. They help organizations streamline their security operations to reduce risk, manage security events in real-time, and respond to incidents more effectively. They have hundreds of security enterprise customers as well. One of their most notable high-profile customers is Apple Computer.

The Issue at Hand

Vidsys had an infrastructure that consisted of aging non clustered virtualized servers and single node storage, and as it turned out, many VM’s that weren’t being backed up properly. They needed upgrading and technical support, and they evaluated several alternatives before choosing Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud Solution (which is a fully managed solution).

156 Cores
1.79TB RAM
100+ VM’s
106TB Storage

72 Cores
124 VM’s w/HA
52TB Storage

Vidsys Topology Graphic

Cost Options

Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud

Turnkey Solution


per month

  Affordable Business Continuity
  GEO-Redundancy Included
      Compute and Backup
  Rapid Rollback
  World Class Intel Hardware

Azure Cloud Services

Plus Managed Services


per month

  Overpriced Business Continuity
  GEO-Redundancy – Additional Charge;
      Zone Redundant Storage Only
  Time Consuming Backups
  Hardware Unknown

Hybrid Cloud Case Study Conclusion:
Nfina Hybrid Cloud Turnkey Solution

  • High performance and low latency: < 5 ms on-prem vs ~100 ms cloud
  • More copies of their data plus cluster-to-cluster replication reduces risk
  • $11,418 monthly savings; $685,080 savings over 5-years
  • Eliminated the need and expense of in-house IT Staff
  • Hyperscale cloud infrastructure is much more expensive
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“Nfina’s products and managed solutions play a key role in insuring that our security solutions are continuously up and running and maximizing the availability of our IT Ecosystem and ultimately, the protection for our clients.”


Ben Eazzetta, CEO, Ares Security

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