Hybrid Cloud Case Study

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The Issue at Hand in this Hybrid Cloud Case Study

  • CCB found it necessary to replace aging infrastructure. The C-Suite wanted to look at the Cloud.
  • Strengthen data protection by ensuring proper financial security compliance with international, federal, and local laws, industry standards and advisory regulations.
  • Establish a Cybersecurity Policy and Incident Response Plan outlining clear action scenarios for different situations that CBB may find itself in.

Evaluating Their Options

  • CCB C-Suite management requested hardware and cloud quotes to financially and technically analyze the vital IT expansion
  • IT Expansion Requirements: 13 Servers, 180 Cores, 69 Windows VMs, 1.66TB RAM, 57TB SSD Storage
  • C-Suite management was overwhelmed with the cost for the Azure public cloud solution
180 Cores, 1.66TB RAM,
69 Windows VM’s w/HA,
57TB SSD Storage with Backup
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Hybrid Cloud Case Study – Figure 1

Cost Options

Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud

Turnkey Solution


per month

  Affordable Business Continuity
  GEO-Redundancy Included
      Compute and Backup
  Rapid Rollback
  World Class Intel Hardware

Azure Cloud Services

Plus Managed Services


per month

  Overpriced Business Continuity
  GEO-Redundancy – Additional Charge;
      Zone Redundant Storage Only
  Time Consuming Backups
  Hardware Unknown

Hybrid Cloud Case Study Conclusion:
Nfina Hybrid Cloud Turnkey Solution

  • High performance and low latency: < 5 ms on-prem vs ~100 ms cloud
  • More copies of their data plus cluster-to-cluster replication reduces risk
  • $22,504 monthly savings; $1,350,240 5-year savings for Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud
  • Eliminated the need and expense of in-house IT Staff
  • This hybrid cloud case study illustrates that the Hyperscale cloud infrastructure is much more expensive
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We were looking for someone to support the solution across the life cycle of the products. We are overjoyed that we selected Nfina.”


Joey Watson, VP of Information Technology,
   CCB Community Bank

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