Why Choose Hybrid Cloud for Businesses?

Regardless of size and niche, businesses are increasingly turning to the cloud for their computing needs. Cloud-based services offer limitless scalability, flexibility, and convenience.

But first, businesses must select the most appropriate cloud model for their organization. While organizations have the chance to choose between private and public clouds, companies also have the chance to combine both.

Hybrid cloud is a combination of both public and private cloud services. By taking advantage of hybrid cloud technology, businesses can simultaneously access most of the features offered by public and private clouds. Discover some reasons why companies should consider leveraging hybrid cloud technology.

Meet the Peak of Business Requirements

There are times when businesses face high demand for their services or products. In such cases, organizations must quickly scale up their computing and data storage capacity.

Hybrid cloud is the perfect technology to facilitate this, as it allows businesses to keep up with the high application demand while staying within their computing and financial resources.

For example, financial applications get a demand fluctuation during tax seasons, but with hybrid cloud, businesses can easily adjust to the demand while maintaining a balance between cost and performance.

Ensure Privacy Compliance

Organizations must comply with privacy laws regarding storing and processing customer data. For example, U.S. healthcare companies must follow HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

By leveraging hybrid cloud, companies can ensure strict compliance with privacy laws. The reason is that the computing technology can separate confidential customer data from the rest of the business’s cloud data.

Additionally, some countries have data localization laws that demand businesses to store their customer data on servers within their countries. Hybrid cloud streamlines this process as businesses can easily store their customer data on the local private cloud and the rest in a foreign public cloud.

Enjoy Flexibility and Scalability

As the technology combines public and private clouds, businesses can easily scale up their computing capacity based on their needs while minimizing costs. Considering how critical agility is for businesses today, hybrid cloud can help them keep up with market changes and customer needs.

Plus, as this technology enhances the consistency and availability of services, businesses can deliver their services seamlessly.

Enhance Security and Protection

Businesses must ensure the security and protection of their customer data and the organization’s confidential information.

Another benefit of hybrid cloud is that it offers an extra layer of security as businesses can store their confidential data in a private cloud and not expose it to cyberattacks.

Furthermore, the technology ensures data is retained in the business premises even when it needs to be accessed in the public cloud. With this, businesses retain control of their data instead of exposing it to the vulnerabilities of public cloud environments.

Improve Disaster Recovery

A small issue can disrupt entire operations and potentially lead to data loss. Organizations must have a plan to recover from such disasters and ensure continuity.

Hybrid cloud technology gives you peace of mind, knowing that the technology’s advanced backup and recovery features help you quickly recover from any disaster without putting your data at risk. Hybrid cloud is now developing portable data recovery services and cloud bursting capabilities, which reduces chances of downtime and helps businesses to get back up and running in no time.

Cloud computing is certainly transforming the way businesses operate today. And while numerous different cloud solutions are available, hybrid cloud benefits technology and provides the flexibility that many businesses need. With this computing technology, businesses can ensure compliance with privacy laws, enjoy flexible and scalable operations, and maintain high levels of security and protection.

As the importance and value of data grow, being ready to protect and recover it is vital. Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud Solutions are designed to prevent downtime and provide the essentials to protect your business data and recover from a disaster. 

On-site compute in your own private cloud combined with public cloud backup & disaster recovery are available at an affordable price per month. We also include Managed Services that allow your business to off-load IT operations. 

You can trust us at Nfina for a seamless transition to hybrid cloud and help you make the most of this computing technology. We offer robust and secure hybrid cloud solutions, which can help businesses become more agile and efficient. Contact us for a consultation.

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