Hybrid Cloud Savings Comparison

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Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud solutions are the perfect alternative to the public hyperscale cloud, offering more benefits than the public cloud without the cost and complexity. In reality, Nfina customers save 50% more with Nfina’s hybrid multi-cloud solutions versus public cloud solutions.

Nfina offers three ranges of Hybrid Cloud solutions: Entry Level, Professional, our mid range, and Enterprise, our premium HA solutions.

Nfina Hybrid Cloud vs. Public Hyperscale Cloud Cost

TCO Hybrid Cloud Chart
Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud cost comparisons are based on public cloud compute and storage only and do not include on-prem hardware. To create a true hybrid cloud solutions with on-prem compute and storage, the cost for on-prem hardware would need to be added to pricing for Azure, AWS and Google Cloud. All cost comparisons shown for Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud are based on the maximum reserve time of 3-years, providing the best savings. 1-year reserve pricing is approximately 11% more, and pay as you go pricing is approximately 30% more than pricing in the savings comparisons.