Nfina 9412R-SAN

Nfina 9412R SAN

4th Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
Data Storage – SAN

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The Nfina 9412R-SAN deliver high-density, high iOPS, and low latency.

The 9412R-SAN storage solution ensures that all your mission-critical storage is always protected, available, and easily managed. Nfina lets you choose the best storage solution that meets your business needs, whether you are expanding existing NAS or SAN infrastructure, or need to deploy or modernize your backup & disaster recovery strategy. Organizations of all sizes will benefit from Nfina’s storage solutions that help maximize efficiency while reducing storage cost.
The Nfina 9412R-SAN is a truly breakthrough storage platform delivering high-performance storage (block and file share) for backup, disaster recovery, or business continuity solutions. They are ideal candidates for an all-flash storage array (AFA) or for creating backup storage for a HA cluster and can be loaded with 12 SSD or HDD direct attach drives per node, alleviating the I/O bottleneck between high performance and capacity.

All Nfina Technologies’ storage products are backed by a five-year limited warranty and include 24/7 US tech support with remote diagnostics. Next day and four hour onsite response options are available.


Data Acceleration

– Acceleration of random writes with Write Log (ZIL)
– Hybrid Read Cache with first level in RAM and second Read Cache level on an SSD or NVMe
– Compression for improved performance

Data Accessibility

– iSCSI, Fibre Channel (FC), NFS, SMB (CIFS)

Data Availability

– High-Availability Dual-Controller Clustering
– Active-Active and Active-Passive HA Cluster
– Dual Storage (Stretched) Metro HA Cluster and Common Storage Cluster architectures

Data Protection

– On-site and Off-site Data Protection
– N-way mirrors, Single, Dual and Triple Parity RAID
– Copy-on-Write
– Snapshots support AES Encryption while in Transit
– Snapshots support SED Encryption while at Rest

Data Integrity

– Data and Metadata Check-summing
– Self-Healing: Detecting and correcting with scrub utility

Data Backup & Restore

– Unlimited Snapshots and Clones
– Snapshot Rollback

Data Optimization

– Inline Compression (LZ4, LZJB, ZLE, GZIP 1-9)
– Inline Deduplication

User Authentication

– Local LDAP users and groups authentication for SMB /CIFS protocol
– External Active Domain Server

System Monitoring

– Nagios, Checkmk
– GUI statistics


Form Factor
Twin 2U rack-mount
Up to 16 DIMMs, 4TB max memory (per chassis)
Maximum SSD Storage
151.2TB (usable capacity, 2-way mirror)
Maximum HDD Storage
352.8TB (usable capacity, 2-way mirror)
Power Consumption
Dual 800W hot-swap (per chassis)
Regulatory Certifications
UL 62328, FCC part 15 (US), CE
5 years