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small form factor packed with robust performance

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NUC i9

Nfina 112-i9 Mini PC

The 112-i9 Intel Mini PC is the new leader in small form factor computing with the ablity to handle complex and multiple tasks at the same time.

NUC i5-i7

Nfina i7 Mini PC

The Nfina i7 Mini PC is an extremely compact form factor computer equipped with the 11th generation Intel® Core™ i7 – 1165G7processor.

NUC i5-i7

Nfina i5 Mini PC

The Nfina i5 Mini PC is an extremely compact form factor computer equipped with the 11th generation Intel® Core™ i5 -1135G7 processor.

Mini-PCs like the Nfina 111 and 112 Series Intel Mini-PCs are all the rage these days. Why shouldn’t that be? These tiny mini PCs are packed with robust performance and scalable capabilities and continue to push the envelope for high-performance. These minicomputers offer powerful processing including Intel® core i5, i7, or i9 processors. The Nfina 111 and 112 Series Intel Mini PCs can be used for a variety of applications, including business productivity, edge computing, factory floor workstations, digital signage, out-of-sight conference room applications, thin clients, video and audio surveillance, home storage, home entertainment, and several other commercial uses. Nfina’s 111 and 112 series are powerful players for every business application.

Nfina 111 Series

The Nfina Technologies 111 Series is a family of fully functioning, small form factor PC’s with integrated graphics. This scalable computing platform can be configured with a choice of two different 11th generation Intel® Core™ processors. They support everything from single screens to multipanel displays. The 111 Intel NUC Box series come with standard VESA mounts, enabling it to easily be mounted on the back of any standard monitor, freeing up valuable desk space.

i5-i7 NUC
Nfina 112-i9 NUC

Nfina 112 Series

The Nfina 112-i9 is a small form factor PC with integrated graphics. This scalable computing platform is configured with an Intel® Core™ 12 generation i9 processor, and boasts reduced Intel NUC power consumption . It is well suited for applications where traditional PCs won’t fit, such as digital signage, kiosk applications or a NUC as a server.

All Nfina 111 and 112 Series Intel Mini PCs are backed by an industry leading 5-year warranty and includes Nfina’s 24×7 support. The Nfina support team becomes an extension of your IT staff, helping you resolve issues and issues quickly, maximizing your productivity and uptime. says “Desktop computers are often large, cumbersome devices. Many people, however, feel this is a reasonable trade-off for the additional performance they offer over a laptop or tablet. However, in recent years, technology has progressed so that desktop PCs can now fit into smaller spaces. Intel® has been the leader in this market, designing compact devices that offer almost the same performance as a larger setup. The company calls these the Next Unit of Computing, or the NUC Box.”

Despite their size, all these machines are capable Windows PCs. But when it comes to compact computers, Intel® continues to lead the way with its NUC line.

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“The most amazing aspect of dealing with Nfina was the personalized attention we received at a more than affordable cost.”


– Douglas Meduna, President & CEO, Fairhope Direct