Nfina 8224R-AS

Azure Stack HCI Solution

Microsoft Azure Stack HCI

Certified HCI Standard Solution for Microsoft Windows Server Software-Defined.

There’s a lot to be gained in efficiency and simplicity by utilizing software-defined datacenter technology. But many IT organizations lack the time or staff to envision and implement new software-defined infrastructure. Validated software-defined datacenter solutions from preferred Microsoft partners like Nfina can help you access these benefits faster.

The 8224R-AS is Nfina’s 2U validated Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) Standard solution for Azure Stack HCI solution from Microsoft that works with Window Server to deliver high-performance storage or hyper-converged infrastructure. Hyperconverged solutions bring together compute, storage, and networking on industry-standard servers and components, which means organizations can gain improved datacenter intelligence and control while avoiding the costs of specialized high-end hardware.

Windows Server Software-Defined Features
Software-Defined Storage
HCI Standard
Windows Defender, Credential Guard, Device Guard
NIC teaming, vSwitches, SMB Direct
Storage Spaces Direct Software-Defined Storage
Windows Admin Center
x86 Industry Standard Hardware


  • Nfina’s Azure Stack HCI solution uses Microsoft-validated designs and follow engineering best practices for seamless deployment and a steady-state operational experience.
  • Nfina gets you up and running without lengthy design and build time and offers a single point of contact for implementation and support services.
  • Nfina earn Azure Stack HCI certification by meeting Microsoft standards for:
    • Quality
    • Accelerated time to value
    • Out-of-the-box optimization
    • Expedited problem resolution
  • Nfina’s Azure Stack HCI solutions  are available in 2 nodes and 4 nodes to support your specific requirements.

Nfina 8224R-AS

8224R-i20 Photo
Minimum Configuration
Maximum Configuration
2 Nodes
4 Nodes
Product SKU
Nfina 8224R-AS
Nfina 8224R-AS
Windows® OS
Microsoft® Windows Server® 2016 Datacenter
Microsoft® Windows Server® 2016 Datacenter
Solution Type
Standard Hyper-Converged
Standard Hyper-Converged
Configuration Type
Form Factor (SMBIOS)
Rack Mount Chassis , 2U - 24x 2.5" Bays
Rack Mount Chassis , 2U - 24x 2.5" Bays
TPM 2.0
2x Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
2x Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
Processor Speed
Bronze 1.7GHz
Platinum 3.8GHz
Core Count
12 cores per processor
28 cores per processor
64GB per node
1.5TB per node
PCIe® Slots
6x PCIe® Gen3 x8
6x PCIe® Gen3 x8
iWARP NIC Adapters
2x Dual Port 1/10/25Gb SFP+
2x 10GBaseT (On motherboard)
2x Dual Port 1/10/25Gb SFP+
2x 10GBaseT (On motherboard)
Drives (per node)
4x NVMe 1.5TB per (6TB total)
4x NVMe 1TB per (4TB total)
20x NVMe 4TB per (80TB total)

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