Mid-Size Enterprise Storage

Mid-Size Enterprise Storage Needs

Mid-size enterprises need to be able to save and readily access a large volume of data, and as a result, these organizations tend to set the bar high for their storage systems. In addition to needing storage for primary, backup, and archived enterprise data, mid-size enterprises need to make sure they are in compliance with regulations, able to access data in a timely manner, able to prevent data loss and significant downtime, and able to scale their storage solution as their business grows.

Control and Security

Many mid-size enterprises are subject to state and federal regulations that dictate how they must store their records and how long they must keep archived data. While some organizations use cloud-based storage, mid-size enterprises that are governed by strict regulations often choose on-site storage in order to maintain control and protect their data from security threats. A mid-size enterprise storage system using SANs (storage area networks) or NAS (network attached storage) allows mid-size enterprises to setup centralized storage repositories to fit their available space and volume of data.