Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaas)

Disaster Recovery as a Service Graphic
Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) enables businesses to outsource the responsibility of data loss reduction. DRaaS utilizes a cost-effective combination of hardware, applications, and cloud technology to provide real-time IT infrastructure backup and redundant functionality to lessen downtime while recovering from a disaster such as power outages, weather events, connection disruption, or even cyber-attacks. DRaaS can be scaled to meet a business’s needs at a moment’s notice, due to the flexible nature of the cloud. DRaaS uses the combined efforts of hardware and cloud based infrastructure to deploy disaster recovery solutions to recover data loss, using the strength of the cloud, to entirely replicate an organizations critical IT infrastructure, including server environments necessary for it to keep running. A DRaaS is more than simply a backup service provider. DRaaS is intended to support all the necessary infrastructure, configurations, and functionality to completely replace your live service in the event of a failover.