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2u Dual-Socket Rack Servers

8224R Server Image

Nfina 8224R

The 8224R scalable server is Nfina’s all-flash storage array solution. Loaded with 24 SSD or NVMe drives, it alleviates the I/O bottleneck between high performance and capacity. The 8224R delivers on performance and efficiency and is backed by Nfina’s standard 5-year warranty.

8224R Server Image

Nfina 8224R-AS

The Nfina 8224R-AS is built to optimize Azure Stack HCI, highly virtualized compute and storage are combined in the same server node cluster, making them easier to deploy, manage, and scale thus eliminating networking silos and simplifying the network infrastructure.

7212R Server Image

Nfina 7212R

Delivering network agility, and flexibility Nfina’s 7212R, 12-bay 2U dual-socket server is the perfect choice for hyperconverged networks or scale-out storage. Configure this server with a combination of SSD, NVMe, and M.2 drives for a powerful hybrid storage solution.

2216R Server Image

Nfina 2216R

For IT environments consisting of hyperconverged systems, virtualized environments, compute-intensive applications, networking telephony, or surveillance, Nfina’s 2216R server delivers on scalability, speed, and efficiency.

2208R Server Image

Nfina 2208R

The 2208R advanced storage and compute platform delivers high-level performance and lower cost of ownership, reducing strain on users and your finances. We also recommend using the 2208R as an edge device or hyperconverged system.

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