Storage as a Service or STaaS is cloud and on-premise based storage that provides:

1. Customers access to data storage and backup services.

2. Companies the ability to lease on-premise storage equipment or space in the cloud without purchasing the hardware.

3. Maintenance and management free hardware.

Storage as a Service

Storage as a Service (STaaS) is a cloud or on-premise-based solution that provides customers access to data storage and backup services without purchasing, managing, and maintaining their hardware. Companies can lease on-premise hardware or space in the public cloud, eliminating the need to invest in and manage their storage infrastructure.

Cloud Based STaaS

STaaS is typically offered by a third-party cloud provider, such as Nfina, AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. Each provider offers different features and pricing structures. Customers will choose the provider that best meets their needs. Once the customer selects a provider, they will create a storage account and configure the service according to their needs. Providers will then host the data in their cloud solution and provide access based on customers’ requirements. Customers can then store, retrieve, and back up their data in the cloud, accessing storage from anywhere with an internet connection.

On-Premise Based STaaS

On-premise STaaS is a service that allows users to lease equipment and store data in a network of nodes located at the “edge” of the on-premise network. It offers a range of features, including scalability, faster response times, reduced bandwidth, reliability, redundancy, significant cost savings, and enhanced security. For added data protection and redundancy, leasing a Hybrid Cloud solution from Nfina provides both on-premise and cloud storage.