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1u Dual-Socket Rack Servers


Nfina 5208R

Nfina’s 5208R offers exceptional performance and value in a 1U server platform. 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors deliver superior performance per-core, and enhanced memory capability makes the 5208R a fast and versatile server.

3204R Server Image

Nfina 3204R

Nfina’s 3204R 4-bay server offers exceptional performance and extraordinary value. Dual Sockets accommodate up to two 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, and robust memory capability makes the 3204R a powerful and versatile server.

1204RN Server Image

Nfina 1204RN

The 1204RN four-bay unit offers exceptional performance and extraordinary value in a 1U server platform. We recommend using the 1204RN as an entry-level server, provisioning server, or for use in virtualized computing environments.

1U Single-Socket Rack Servers


Nfina 116RP

The 116RP can be easily configured from a basic server suitable for a small office to a full featured High Availability server. The 116RP is ideal for businesses on a budget migrating from individual desktops to a on-premise server or virtualized environment.

Nfina’s 1U rack servers are the system of choice for many growing organizations. Nfina’s computer servers are designed for maximum computing power in a small package. Their range covers the whole gamut of business requirements, delivering established performance and reliability in a 1U rackable server. They are perfect for web hosting, caching and load balancing, front-end to database servers, video streaming, and many other tasks.

Nfina’s 1U server range begins with 116RP, providing high-performace capabilities in an entry-level and affordable small business server. The 116RP is designed for small to medium sized businesses with database demands and space for future expansion. Nfina professional and enterprise class 1U rackmount servers such as the 3204R and 5208R are fully customizable to fit your specific application. They offer high-end performance with virtualization and co-location in mind at varying price points depending on your IT budget. Built-in redundancy ensures your mission-critical data is always available and downtime is kept to a minimum.

Why Choose Nfina’s 1U Rack Servers?

When server rack space is limited, compact yet powerful solutions are a must. Nfina’s 1U rackmount servers deliver space-saving at only 1.75″ in height but are packed with features that would normally be found in much larger chassis. Our high performance 3204R and 5208R servers features dual Intel Xeon Scalable Processors, support up to 1.5TB memory, NVMe, SSD and HDD options, and have up to 2x PCIe x16 expansion slot for add-in cards.

Nfina’s 1U rack servers are highly customizable and are compatible with Windows Server 2019, 2022, VMWare ESXi, Nfina-Store, Edge-Store, Red Hat RHEL, SUES SLES, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, CentOS, XenServer, and other operating systems. Nfina edge to cloud servers can be built to your exact specifications.

With energy prices driving up data center hosting costs, it makes sense to combine your computing requirements into energy efficient 1U rackable server. Nfina has inventory on hand, allowing us to build your server to your specific preferences, expansion options, drive choice, and budget.

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